video project 2 #vp2

this is our final video project. combination , editing and we gave our full effort for this video project.


In the making of vp2 #2nd

our team member after done our video project.

This video was recorded when Tae Hyung forgets his script. Therefore, this video recorded at wrong camera position thus this video has not been use in final vp2

this video looks almost perfect but why this video not be use? because in this video Yoon Seok not looks confident when he is talking. we want to show that he is very confident because he is in a interview.

in the making of vp2


it is not easy to make a short movie because we need to set the camera at the right angle and we need to speak very fluent to make the plot flows very smooth. this is important to make the audience easy to understand what is inside our video. here i share with you the wrong part that we not include in our final video.

Baskin at Coex

i love to go out alone and when i see group of people gather to hear some other people sing , i love to join them because it is a good time for me to be with myself

SM town at Gangnam

Last saturday i went to sm town at gangnam. Even i’m not one of kpop lovers , i went there because my friend ask me to bring her here. Even though it wasn’t a bad experience for me. 

Nami Island

walking along Nami Island(one of tourist favorite)

ferry ride from Nami Island, what a beautiful scenery it is. I’m sure everyone will love this scenery. This video shows how the tourists love the view at Nami Island